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Fighting by David Dunn

Song Information
  • Song Title: Fighting
  • Album: For the Life of Me
  • Artist: David Dunn
  • Released On: 22 Mar 2012
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Fighting Lyrics

You can't take this anymore
cause even breathing is a chore
nothing you do matters anyway
you go to work and you get paid
You're fighting
Constantly fighting

You feel like You're being crushed
By the weight of waking up
Some people tell you to fall in love
But that aint enough
You're fighting
Constantly fighting

Well you must be thinking
That when your clock stops ticking
That everything you've ever done just goes up in smoke
but hey hey hey, there's no way
because everything you done will be remembered some day
if you do or you don't keep on fighting

You don't care what happens next
just want a little rest
so many years still in front of you
you're just working to yourself to death
you're fighting
constantly fighting

I'm just a boxer in a ring
And I don't know what to think
Cause I am always gasping for air
and I've been here for 26 years
and I'm fighting
I'm constantly fighting

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