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Do For Love by Danny Gokey

Do For Love Lyrics

I'm a witness to your passion

So easy it’s hard to Fathom, yea

One yes from me and you changed everything 

Ohh the joy is everlasting

You pulled me from the dark

There’s no place too far

You're after my heart

The things you’ll do for love 

You chase me when I run 

Make up for the times when I’ll never be enough

Even when im feeling stuck 

You take me by the hand

Say you got a plan

Hold me with a grace that I’ll never understand

I’ll never be deserving of 

All the things you’ll do for love (you do for love you do for love, you do for love,)

Never stop fighting for my soul

Treasure me like I'm made of gold

When I slip and I’m fallin 

It’s my name that you’re callin

Making new what has become old 

Oh the times you cried for me 

And when im lost your finding me

I cant believe you died for me 

Died for me

Ou you great I Am

Took my sin took my hand 

I believe with God I can 

Got the faith of Abraham 

Walking talking moving I Got the spirit of God 

Lost inside the storm He came to clear out the fog

Cuando paso por las aguas se que tu estas conmigo 

Por se acaso estoy hundiendo es porque ahí me bautizo 

Y me levantaré con fe 

Bailo como David 

Or peleare come Josue 

We got a problem we give it to God know it ain’t even we beating the odds 

Know he gon add he’s doing the math 

Yea we receive when we learn how to ask  

Climb the mountain like Moses please believe you’ve been chosen 

When you pass through deep waters know God will walk on the ocean 

For you!_

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