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Truth Lyrics

Truth gonna set you free If you don't stand for something you'll fall for
anything Truth gonna set you free It could set you free if you believe

I know that you know it's time to walk in the light You been blind for too long
Let truth give you back your sight Tell the devil, let him know that he's a lie
Don't let him stop you Tell him he gets no free


Don't ya wanna be,
don't ya wonna be free Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

RAP: Who, what, me Truth gonna set, gonna set your soul free You can take it
from Damita and you can take it from me God sets
you free, yo, free indeed And I'm deep like a frek 'cause I believe In the Way,
the Truth to the Life he's given the soul's the reflection of the way you're
living Freedom ringin' Truth id the path T Mac is back and I'm free at last

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