Crystal Lewis - Even the Rocks Cry Out Lyrics

Even the Rocks Cry Out Lyrics

we are an obstinate people
wanting our own way, willing to do what it takes
we see fit to fashion a life out of selfish ambition
wasting away the day
content to follow the well-worn path of our fellow pilgrims
lost along the way

until we come to our senses
until the scales fall from our eyes
until our hearts feel more than just pounding
our ears will keep hearing the sound (when)

even the rocks cry out
if i am to be silent, if i will not praise Him

today as i live, even tomorrow when i?m gone
let it be said of me
i opened my mouth, i let praise pour out
i lifted my voice above the crowd
from forgiven lips came, songs of endless praise
loud and clear they rang

even the rocks cry out
but i will not be silent, i just have to praise him

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