Cross Point Music - Even More Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Even More (Prayer Room)
  • Album: Prayer Room: Vol. 1 - EP
  • Artist: Cross Point Music
  • Released On: 07 Apr 2023
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Cross Point Music Even More

Even More Lyrics

Here in this room
Here in this very moment
Lord, there is so much more You’ve promised 

Silence the noise
Tear down the walls within us
Cause there are greater things 
You’ve promised 

Lord, take us deeper
Lord, take us farther
Give us the faith
To step out on the water
Help us believe even more of you 

We’ve had a taste
We’ve had a glimpse of heaven
But there is so much more You’ve promised

We’ve seen the signs
We’ve heard the sound of freedom
But there are greater things You’ve promised 

Lord, we surrender
Offer our lives to you
There’s nothing to fear now 
We’ve seen the way you move

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