Colton Dixon - I'll Be The Light Lyrics

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  • Song Title: I'll Be the Light
  • Album: A Messenger
  • Artist: Colton Dixon
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2013
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Colton Dixon I'll Be The Light

I'll Be The Light Lyrics

There's a place that you're safe
And I want you to see
I don't care if it hurts
Crash into me
Let tomorrow clear the smoke
There's a spark in your heart
That's all you need
Let me be your trail of gasoline
Don't let the fire get too low
When you're tired of faith and searching for a sign
I'll be the light
When there's nothing but night
'Til now you've had to feel your way
Through the honest lies of yesterday
I'll guide you in
No matter how long you've been
Lost in love and all alone
A million miles away from home
And when your dawn refuses to fight
I'll be the light
Circle in like a plane when you're ready to land
The runway signals in my hands
Come through the clouds of your denial
I remember the you that you were then
I remember days that would never end
Can you remember how to smile
When you're out of faith I'll give you some of mine
You can count on me
Open your eyes and you will see

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