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Jesus is Risen by Church of the City

Jesus is Risen Lyrics

Verse 1

Our King was nailed to the cross 

Like love could be broken  

Our Savior breathed in His last

Like hell had a moment  

They laid Him down in a grave

Like hope could be stolen  

They covered Him up with a stone

Like it could hold Him  

Chorus 1

Jesus is risen! He is alive!

Look in the tomb: there is hope we can find

The curse has been lifted and we are forgiven

He is alive

Jesus is risen    

Verse 2

He kicked down the door of death

Our God is victorious  

Yeah, breaking every stronghold of sin

By His blood He restored us  

Triumphant with life in His hands

He did it all for us  

The Lion and Lamb overcame

Our Savior is glorious

Chorus 2

Jesus is risen! He is alive!

Look in the tomb: there is hope we can find

The curse has been lifted and we are forgiven

He is alive


Crown Him, crown Him

Jesus Lord of all 

Hail Him, hail Him

Jesus Lord of all 

Crown Him, crown Him

Jesus Lord of all 

The High King forever

Jesus Lord of all  

Song Story New Song Cafe

Chad Robert Cates, Ileia Hook interview, New song Cafe in franklin tennessee and man talk about this song a little bit. I know you guys were working on new music and we got some songs over and this was a song just we originally just kind of like put a finger what an amazing song especially as we're talking we're coming up on the Easter season, and what an incredible a song for that but really year round uh but Ileia I'll start with you just talk a little bit about the song inspiration how you guys wrote it together yeah you know what 

Ileia Hook: "Funny enough as we come up on this season, this year we actually started writing this a year ago. so as we were coming up on the Easter season last year we started thinking about. what are some ways we could tell this story and remember Christ's sacrifice, but in a way that's a little bit different than it's been told. So we just started thinking and dreaming about just the imagery of what actually happened he was a king but yet he was nailed to that cross and you know. It's like they thought love could be stolen or the enemy thought that hope could be stolen or all these different pieces in the way that we were packaging it i guess you could say and just being creative about it. But Chad I love what you said we were talking about this earlier just about how what the Lord wanted to do would just never be stopped i would love if you would just share a piece of that.

Chad Robert Cates: "The first verse of this song is like there were so many things, so many people and forces trying to stop Jesus from doing the purpose that he had for us. There was no stopping the resurrection bringing resurrection in us. Just looking back on the story like if you were there that time you're like oh it seems like hope is lost. But God had a plan for our restoration and was going to bring it about.

I love all of those as if statements in the verses but talking about that yeah just like you know trying to thought hope was stolen you know as if you could stop him 

Ileia Hook: "Really powerful Jesus is risen but god right you know it's just. We loved that imagery of it and to remember that and to sing that was powerful for us as we were uh right now and i love how this goes into that that bridge is really kind of like it's the celebration moment you know where it's that crown him, crown him you know you're actually celebrating at that point the risen king. You talk about the resurrection but then there's a moment where we just celebrate Yeah that resurrection yes and in that second. I love just talking about how the lion and lamb overcome and you're right it just crescendos into that bridge where we talk about we're putting that crown on us we're casting down our crowns at his feet and we're putting that crown on his head He is worthy absolutely worthy.

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