Chris Rice - You Don't Have to Yell Lyrics

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  • Song Title: You Don't Have to Yell
  • Album: What a Heart Is Beating For (Bonus Track Version)
  • Artist: Chris Rice
  • Released On: 17 Jul 2007
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Chris Rice You Don't Have to Yell

You Don't Have to Yell Lyrics

So-called reality
right htere on my TV
if tha's how life's supposed to be, well
somebody's lyin'
the camera's on and we can tell
to keep you fame you have to yell
'cause tensions build, and products sell, and
we're all buyin'
I hope we're smarter than this

Everybody take a breath
why are all your faces red
we're missin' all the words you said
you don't have to yell

draw your lines and choose your side
'cause many things are worth the fight
but louder doesn't make you right
you don't have to yell, oh

you don't have to yell

I tuned in to hear the news
I don't want your point of view
if that's the best that you can do, then
Something's missing
and experts on whatever side
you plug your ears, you scream you lines
you claim to have an open mind, but
nobody's listenin'
don't you think we're smarter than this?

Chorus 2x

If everyone will take the step
back away and count to ten
clear your mind and start again
we won't have to yell

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