Charles Wesley - We Rose To-day With Anthems Sweet Lyrics

We Rose To-day With Anthems Sweet Lyrics

1 WE rose to-day with anthems sweet,
To sing before the mercy seat,
And ere the darkness round us fell,
We bade the grateful vespers swell.

2 Whate'er has risen from heart sincere,
Each upward glance of filial fear,
Each true resolve, each solemn vow,
Jesus our Lord! accept them now.

3 Whate'er beneath thy searching eyes
Has wrought to spoil our sacrifice,
Mid this sweet stillness while we bow,
Jesus our Lord! forgive us now.

4 And teach us erring souls to win,
And hide their multitude of sin;
To tread in Christ's long-suffering way
And grow more like him day by day.

5 So as our Sabbaths hasten past,
And rolling years bring nigh the last,
When sinks the sun behind the hill,
When all the weary wheels stand still;

6 When by our bed the loved ones weep,
And death-dews o'er the forehead creep,
And vain is help or hope from men;
Jesus our Lord! receive us then.

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