Charles Wesley - The Spirit Of The Lord Our God Lyrics

The Spirit Of The Lord Our God Lyrics

1 THE Spirit of the Lord our God
(Spirit of power, and health, and love)
The Father hath on Christ bestowed,
And sent him from his throne above;

2 Prophet, and Priest, and King of peace,
Anointed to declare his will,
To minister his pardoning grace,
And every sin-sick soul to heal.

3 Sinners, obey the heavenly call;
Your prison-doors stand open wide;
Go forth, for he hath ransomed all,
For every soul of man hath died.

4 'Tis his the drooping soul to raise,
To rescue all by sin opprest,
To clothe them with the robes of praise,
And give their weary spirits rest;

5 To help their grovelling unbelief,
Beauty for ashes to confer,
The oil of joy for abject grief,
Triumphant joy for sad despair;

6 To make them trees of righteousness,
The planting of the Lord below,
To spread the honour of his grace,
And on to full perfection grow.

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