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Sovereign Of All! Whose Will Ordains Lyrics

1 SOVEREIGN of all! whose will ordains
The powers on earth that be,
By whom our rightful Monarch reigns,
Subject to none but thee:

2 Stir up thy power, appear, appear,
And for thy servant fight;
Support thy great vicegerent here,
And vindicate his right.

3 Lo! in the arms of faith and prayer
We bear him to thy throne;
Receive thy own peculiar care,
The Lord's anointed one.

4 With favour look upon his face;
Thy love's pavilion spread,
And watchful troops of angels place
Around his sacred head.

5 Guard him from all who dare oppose
Thy delegate and thee;
From open and from secret foes,
From force and perfidy!

6 Confound whoe'er his ruin seek,
Or into friends convert:
Give him his adversaries' neck;
Give him his people's heart.

7 Let us, for conscience' sake, revere
The man of thy right hand;
Honour and love thine image here,
And bless his mild command.

8 Thou only didst the blessing give;
The glory, Lord, be thine:
Let all with thankful joy receive
The benefit divine.

9 To those who thee in him obey,
The Spirit of grace impart:
His dear, his sacred burden lay
On every loyal heart.

10 Still let us pray, and never cease,
"Defend him, Lord, defend:
Stablish his throne in glorious peace,
And save him to the end!"

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