Charles Wesley - I Will Hearken What The Lord Lyrics

I Will Hearken What The Lord Lyrics

1 I WILL hearken what the Lord
Will say concerning me:
Hast thou not a gracious word
For one who waits on thee?
Speak it to my soul, that I
May in thee have peace and power,
Never from my Saviour fly,
And never grieve thee more.

2 How have I thy Spirit grieved
Since first with me he strove,
Obstinately disbelieved,
And trampled on thy love!
I have sinned against the light;
I have broke from thy embrace;
No, I would not, when I might,
Be freely saved by grace.

3 After all that I have done
To drive thee from my heart,
Still thou wilt not leave thine own,
Thou wilt not yet depart;
Wilt not give the sinner o er;
Ready art thou now to save,
Bidd'st me come, as heretofore,
That I thy life may have.

4 O thou meek and gentle Lamb!
Fury is not in thee;
Thou continuest still the same,
And still thy grace is free;
Still thine arms are open wide,
Wretched sinners to receive;
Thou hast once for sinners died,
That all may turn and live.

5 Lo! I take thee at thy word,
My foolishness I mourn;
Unto thee, my bleeding Lord,
However late, I turn:
Yes, I yield, I yield at last,
Listen to thy speaking blood
Me, with all my sins, I cast
On my atoning God!

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