Charles Wesley - Father Of Jesus Christ The Just Lyrics

Father Of Jesus Christ The Just Lyrics

1 FATHER of Jesus Christ the Just.
My Friend and Advocate with thee,
Pity a soul that fain would trust
In him who lived and died for me;
But only thou canst make him known,
And in my heart reveal thy Son.

2 If, drawn by thine alluring grace,
My want of living faith I feel,
Show me in Christ thy smiling face;
What flesh and blood can ne'er reveal,
Thy co-eternal Son, display,
And call my darkness into day.

3 The gift unspeakable impart;
Command the light of faith to shine,
To shine in my dark, drooping heart,
And fill me with the life divine:
Now bid the new creation be!
O God, let there be faith in me!

4 Thee without faith I cannot please,
Faith without thee I cannot have;
But thou hast sent the Prince of peace
To seek my wandering soul, and save;
O Father, glorify thy Son,
And save me for his sake alone!

5 Save me through faith in Jesu's blood,
That blood which he for all did shed;
For me, for me, thou know'st it flowed,
For me, for me, thou hear'st it plead;
Assure me now my soul is thine,
And all thou art in Christ is mine!

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