Casting Crowns - Awaken Me Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Awaken Me
  • Album: Only Jesus
  • Artist: Casting Crowns
  • Released On: 16 Nov 2018
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Casting Crowns Awaken Me

Awaken Me Lyrics

Lord, what were You saying?
I must’ve fallen asleep
Could’ve sworn I heard You talking
Or maybe it was just a dream
It sounded something like redemption
An echo from a younger day
Lord, how long have I been drifting?
My tears are falling as I pray

Lord, wake up this sleeper
I lift my head, I lift my head
Your searchlights found me
Here at my end, I’m at my end

Is it the fear of falling down again?
Oh, that keeps me sitting here
I’d rather wander in the shadows
Than have to look into the mirror
There’s so much madness all around me
They wear their darkness on their sleeves 
Now my blinded eyes are open
And I see the darkest part of me

Lord, let Your fire make holy these lips unclean
Shine down in all Your glory
Awaken me  

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