Carman - All in Life Lyrics

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  • Song Title: All in Life
  • Album: Mission 3:16
  • Artist: Carman
  • Released On: 01 Jan 1998
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Carman All in Life

All in Life Lyrics

A fortune made, a goal achieved
But in God's sight, what does it mean?
If I don't glorify Your name
The things I do, I'll do in vain
Oh Lord, to please You
Is what I yearn
Help me remeber this truth I've learned

That Kingdoms come and Kingdoms go
But though the Word of God I know
When all in life is done and past
Only what's done for Christ will last

To sacrifice and reach a star
But then lose sight of who You are
Is never worth the price, I know
To gain the world and lose the soul
I know now what You've tried to say, Lord, to me
My spirit can understand
Now, I can see

Repeat Chorus

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