Zealot Lyrics - Brock Human

Brock Human

Zealot Lyrics

"I let all my searching lead me, I confess. 
And the more I pried, the more I neared the edge. 
Can a man enter the womb again, I ask. 
Can a zealot embrace humanness?

I was leeching on the confidence of men 
While I separated righteousness from sin. 
I was preaching, but my heart was wearing thin. 
Can a zealot become human?

Understand me, I’ve never had a rebel’s heart. 
But they say pressure only shows you who you are. 
And besides, it was my friend up on the cross. 
And I felt his rejection. If I turned, I’d be lost.  

Now I’m bleeding for a faith I’ve never seen. 
But the fear that held me is finally loosening. 
I will leave it, and let my conscience make amends. 
So a zealot becomes human. 

Now Finally, a voice came rushing through the walls: 
“Love freely, it’s what makes you what you are.”
Then the pride fell like ashes from the fire. 
And I knelt there….born...born...reborn."

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