Bill Gaither - These Things Shall Pass Lyrics

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  • Song Title: These Things Shall Pass
  • Album: Gaither Gospel Series: Bill Gaither
  • Artist: Bill Gaither
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2005
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Bill Gaither These Things Shall Pass

These Things Shall Pass Lyrics

These things shall pass and some great morning
We'll look back and smile at heartaches we have known
So don't forget when shadows gather
The Lord our God is still the King upon his throne
A rose looks grey at midnight but the flame is just asleep
And steel is strong because it knew the hammer and white heat
These things shall pass and life be sweeter
When love and faith are strong they cannot long endure
These things shall pass so don't you worry
The darkest time is just one hour before dawn
So hold up high and face your troubles
And don't despair if you must face them all alone
A rose looks grey at midnight
(These things shall pass)

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These Things Shall Pass Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

These Things Shall Pass Lyrics -  Bill Gaither

"These Things Shall Pass" is a timeless song written by Bill Gaither, a renowned gospel songwriter. With its powerful lyrics and uplifting message, this song has touched the hearts of many believers and remains a favorite in Christian music.

I. The Meaning of "These Things Shall Pass":
1. Embracing Transience:
The central theme of "These Things Shall Pass" is the recognition that trials and tribulations are temporary. The song encourages listeners to hold onto their faith during difficult times, knowing that God is in control and that brighter days are ahead. It reminds us that just as darkness gives way to dawn, our hardships will eventually pass, and we will emerge stronger and more resilient.

2. Trusting in God's Sovereignty:
The song also emphasizes the sovereignty of God. It reassures us that even when we face challenges that seem insurmountable, God remains on His throne, guiding and protecting us. This message instills hope and encourages us to trust in God's faithfulness, knowing that He is in control of every situation.

II. Inspiration and Background:
1. Bill Gaither's Creative Journey:
Bill Gaither, a highly-respected Christian songwriter, has a rich history of crafting songs that resonate with believers around the world. "These Things Shall Pass" showcases his ability to capture the essence of human struggles and offer words of comfort and hope. Inspired by his own experiences and the challenges faced by those around him, Gaither penned this song to remind believers of God's unwavering presence and promise.

2. Stories of Overcoming:
It draws from the collective experiences of individuals who have faced hardship, loss, and uncertainty, but have ultimately triumphed through their faith in God. The song serves as a testimony to the power of endurance and the victory that comes with unwavering trust in the Lord.

III. Biblical References:
1. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8:
The lyrics of "These Things Shall Pass" resonate with the wisdom found in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. This passage reminds us that there is a season for everything under heaven - a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance. It assures us that our present struggles are temporary and that God has a purpose for every season of our lives.

2. Psalm 30:5:
The song's message finds further support in Psalm 30:5, which proclaims, "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." This verse underscores the assurance that even in our darkest moments, God's joy and restoration are on the horizon. It reinforces the theme of hope and encourages believers to hold onto their faith, knowing that better days are coming.

IV. Tags:
1. Discovering Strength in Trials:
2. Unveiling the Inspiration Behind "These Things Shall Pass":
3. Biblical References That Echo the Song's Message:
4. Finding Hope in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8:
5. The Promise of Joy in Psalm 30:5:

"These Things Shall Pass" is a powerful song that speaks to the enduring nature of faith and hope. It encourages believers to remain steadfast in the face of trials, reminding them that God is in control and that brighter days are ahead. With its timeless message and biblical references, this song continues to inspire and uplift hearts, reminding us of the eternal promises found in God's Word. May we hold onto these truths and find solace in knowing that, indeed, these things shall pass.

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