Big Daddy Weave - Without You Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Without You
  • Album: The Ultimate Collection
  • Artist: Big Daddy Weave
  • Released On: 20 Sep 2011
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music Amazon Music
Big Daddy Weave Without You

Without You Lyrics

Would we hear the sound
Of breathing in the dark
Where would be life's spark
Without You

Would the birds ever sing
Would the wind move through the trees
Could I touch the grass so green
Under this big sky so blue
Without You

And the sun doesn't shine
And my world stops spinnin' round
Without You
Tell me where else could I ever find
The peace that floods this heart of mine
Without You

Who could fill the emptiness inside
Who would ease the pain in my broken heart
Who would come in and abide
Promise never to depart
Without You

I can't live without You
I don't want to try to
Live one more moment without You

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