You Know Me

You Know Me Lyrics

You have been and You will be
You have seen and You will see .

You know when I rise and when I fall
When I come or go You see it all
You hung the stars and you move the sea
And still You know me .

Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh You know me 
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh You know me  .

Nothing is hidden from Your sight
Wherever I go, You find me
You know every detail of my life
You are God and You don't miss a thing .

You memorize me

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Bible Verses for You Know Me

Jeremiah 1 : 5

Before you were formed in the body of your mother I had knowledge of you, and before your birth I made you holy; I have given you the work of being a prophet to the nations.

Luke 12 : 7

But even the hairs of your head are numbered. Have no fear: you are of more value than a flock of sparrows.