Avion Blackman - Grace and Peace Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Grace and Peace
  • Album: Greatest Hits
  • Artist: Avion Blackman
  • Released On: 29 Apr 2013
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Avion Blackman Grace and Peace

Grace and Peace Lyrics

To the strangers in the world scattered abroad
Who've been chosen according to the foreknowledge of the Lord
Through the sanctifying work of the Spirit of God
For obedience to Christ and the cleansing by His blood

Grace and peace to you in abundance
Grace and peace to you (2X)
Forgiveness is a fragrance that a flower sheds
On the foot that crushes it?woe, woe
Grace is the aroma of a daffodil
On the heal that tramples it?woe, woe


Grace is unmerited favor that
We receive from the Lord above?woe, woe
Mercy is the sparing of judgment from
Our God of Love?woe, woe
Peace is the absence of a war outside
Or battle within?woe, woe
Peace is a surety that this storm will pass
Though you're in the midst of it?woe, woe


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