Allison Durham Speer - Break This Heart Lyrics

Break This Heart Lyrics

Laughter comes through heartache
Growing comes through pain
And Lord, I know You're slowly teaching me
I have to lose to gain
I've been all too careful of vessels and of jars
So won't you let your love break through the walls
Releasing what you are

Break this heart, let it be open
I know it is no good 'til the bitterness is gone
Make my life a vessel that's broken
So I can someday help the one who falls

There's nothing worse than nothing
To live yet not to feel
I've been numb to all the suffering
I've had a heart as cold as steel
Make me strong and tender, take away my fears
And give me Holy insight, Lord
And wash my eyes with tears

Repeat chorus twice

So I came someday help the one who falls

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