All-4-One - Between Us Lyrics

Between Us Lyrics

that had lost that special one in thire's life even though they r gone they
will never ever 4gotten inour heart n especailly in our soul that is hurting
all our pain let our pain go in the art of letting go is a new n no one hurt us
as long as we r one person n one vioce that all that really matter in gthis
world that we lieve in our life but if we all have 4ever lasting love on our
side....... this song go out 2 all those people that had lost that speail one
in thire life time like i did n even though my is different from but the pain
is still the same will 2 me but that dosen't mean stop me from trying 2 make a
batter place 4 our kids 2 grow up in peace n we will learn how be stronger n
yeah!!! sure we r smalll but the every small people could n can make a big
different will 2 me n i'm sure that one who??? loose that special one feel the
same way as i do 2 n soooooo!!! these songs go out 2 9-11 people whom??? has
lost that specail one in this life time but hey!!! they r look over us all from
heaven right!
!! like my dad is..... n this................ ooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!
nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-mmmmmm:(

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