1K Phew - Intro Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Intro
  • Album: What's Understood 2
  • Artist: 1K Phew
  • Released On: 31 Oct 2019
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1K Phew Intro

Intro Lyrics

My darling, promise it's not a jungle, this a garden (Garden)
I can't give all this fruit to you (Yeah, yeah)
My darling, but I'll show you how to grow it if you're starving (Yeah)

I have the need to speed (Oh yeah)
Coming through big major league (Yessir)
In the hood he proud of me, yeah, yeah (Proud of me)
But that ain't ea' (That ain't ea')
Better know we did (Know we did)
Had to build that bridge
I'm a kingdom kid
So I'm still out the penthouse, yeah
And I still wanna be high up (High up)
Gettin' it, we live high up (High up)
Tryna get a lil' higher
I wanna be high up (Wanna be high up)
Why you lookin' like that? C'mon (Yeah)
Stop acting like that, just c'mon (Just c'mon)
Don't look back, just c'mon (C'mon)
(Don't look back, just come on)

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