Carry my Soul SifaLyrics

Phil Wickham SifaLyrics

I want to hear You say well done
I want to be welcomed in
I want to feel Your love like sunshine
On my resurrected skin

I want to hear the music play
I want to hear the trumpets sound
I want to hear You call my name
And watch my feet lift off the ground

I will run
Oh and I won't quit
Chasing Your heart
Just like David did
I'll coming running
Through the gates
Look into Your face
Oh I can hardly wait
Until You carry my soul
Carry my soul away

When everything is said and done
And death has met its end
I want to hear You call me son
Be counted as a faithful friend

I want to see Your eyes like fire
I want to see the scars that bled
Oh won't you take me higher
The place where angels fear to tread

And I will keep my lamplight
Burning in the night
I'll be waiting here for You
Watching for all Your signs
If I may be so bold to ask You
Would You lend Your ear to me
Oh Lord come quickly

Until You carry my soul
Carry my soul away

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