Yolanda DeBerry - Still Everything Lyrics


Still Everything Lyrics

It may not seem like it right now but He’s still faithful
It may not look like it right now but He’s still good
It may not seem like victory but oh just wait and see 
What He’s gonna do
Watch what He’s gonna do

His glory is the same here in the wilderness
As it is on any mountaintop where I have been
So in spite of what I’m facing now, my soul will sing
He’s still everything

Though right now there’s not much beauty in these ashes 
Making something out of nothing is what He does
He just speaks and miracles begin to happen
And the story that He writes can’t be undone 

No hard place will ever silence my praise
Cause it’s right here where He makes
His glory shine the brightest 

"Still Everything" as recorded by Benita Jones

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