The Porter's Gate - Take it Easy Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Take it Easy
  • Album: Take it Easy - Single
  • Artist: The Porter's Gate
  • Released On: 30 Jun 2023
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The Porter's Gate Take it Easy

Take it Easy Lyrics

 (featuring Matt Maher and Paul Zach)
Take it easy, easy
God already loves you completely
Take it easy, easy
Rest in the shade of his wings

Lay down your burdens and rest for a while
The shepherd who seeks you is gentle and kind
There’s nothing to pay for and nothing to earn
And nothing you have to become

Lay down the scales where you weigh out your life
The measures are empty just leave them behind 
The distance between his two hands are enough
To tell you the depths of his love

Lay down the armor you brought to the fight
Lay down your weapons and lay down your strife,
God’s on your side and he won’t let you go 
He already loves who you are
Won’t ask you to be something more . . .

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