Jesus is Alive

What a miracle it’s is, Jesus is alive 
Lifting holy hands to Him,  
As a witness that He lives 
That same Spirit that raised Him from the dead 
That same Spirit is alive in me forever  .

Jesus is alive 
The tomb is empty 
Death could not hold Him down 
My heart is full 
He lives in me  .

Death could not hold Him down 
Death could not hold Him down 
He lives in me  .

Failure cannot hold me down 
Fear cannot hold me down 
Nothing can hold me down
He lives in me


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Bible Verses for Jesus is Alive

Luke 24 : 23

And it was not there; then they came saying that they had seen a vision of angels who said that he was living.

John 11 : 25

Jesus said to her, I am myself that day and that life; he who has faith in me will have life even if he is dead;

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