Rend Collective - You Are Love Lyrics

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  • Song Title: You Are Love
  • Album: Organic Family Hymnal
  • Artist: Rend Collective
  • Released On: 18 Jan 2010
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Rend Collective You Are Love

You Are Love Lyrics

A mind full of questions
And a heart full of pain
Can't understand why we are here again

But there's grace in this season
Not just to see us through
But to renew us

You are love Lord
And Your ways testify
You are love Lord
Perfectly defined
Through the suffering or joy
We will confide in Your perfect love

A mind full of questions
And a future unclear
But Your perfect love scatters fear

?Cos Your will is to build up
And not to harm
But to complete us

It's time to stretch these legs of faith
And run into this unknown width
With truth of Your love for us

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