Rend Collective + Ellie Holcomb - Emmanuel You're One Of Us Lyrics

Emmanuel You're One Of Us Lyrics

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas at all
It’s so hard to forget about all that went on
Some friends lost their jobs and some family too
Some people said it was all down to you
I know 
Emmanuel, you’re one of us 
You left your throne to wear our scars 
Though Christmas lights may lose their spark 
And winter’s cold may break our hearts 
Christmas means, Emmanuel you’re one of us 
Maybe it is Christmas time after all
The carols are soaring, the fire’s roaring on
This year’s had its trials, but sweet mercies too
Glad tidings of joy and they’re all down to You
So sister and brother 
Be kind to each other 
We’ve all had a journey 
Our own path to wander 
The light will come 
Just know you’re not alone

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