Rend Collective - Behold He Comes Lyrics

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  • Song Title: BEHOLD HE COMES
  • Artist: Rend Collective
  • Released On: 27 Mar 2020
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Rend Collective Behold He Comes

Behold He Comes Lyrics

A Kingdom will come
That shall not end
Where light owns the dark
And hope will win
The empires of evil
Will no longer stand
They’ll tremble defenseless
Before the Great I Am

The King is alive
He’s on the move
He’ll vanquish His foes
And Hell will lose
Injustice will flee from
The flash of His sword
There'll be no question
That Jesus Christ is Lord

Behold He comes the Risen One
Salvation is coming
Behold He comes the Shining Sun
Redemption is calling
Behold the Lamb who overcomes
Heaven’s champion, seated on the throne
Just hold on
The King is surely coming

A great day shall come
Our jubilee
Confetti will soar
On golden streets
Our pain just a memory
Our tears wiped away
Standing in glory
At last we’ll see His face

Every tribe, every tongue
Every heart, every soul
Will crown You Lord of All
Crown You Lord of All

Every knee, bows before
Angels sing, saints adore
And they crown You Lord of All
Crown You Lord of All

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