Rend Collective - As For Me Lyrics

Contents: Song Information
  • Song Title: As For Me
  • Album: Whosoever
  • Artist: Rend Collective
  • Released On: 26 Aug 2022
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Rend Collective As For Me

As For Me Lyrics

Nothing can break us apart
We’ll never surrender
We’ll never give in to the dark
When we just can’t go on
We’ll stand together as one
Whatever we’re facing we’ll come out the other side strong
If we’re divided we’ll fall
But united we’re invincible
As for me and my house 
We will serve the Lord forever
As for me and my blood
We will hold the line together
Though they fall on every side
We will never compromise
As for me and my house 
We’ll serve the Lord
In the fight of our lives
Let courage and confidence rise
Come hell or high water we’ll soldier on toward the light
With unshakable hope
We know that we’re not alone
And shoulder to shoulder we’ll venture into the unknown
No matter what this world may say
Out into the night I’ll proclaim
When the foundations firm the storms don’t matter

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