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Standing On The Rock by Marvin Sapp

Song Information
  • Song Title: Standing On The Rock
  • Album: I Believe
  • Artist: Marvin Sapp
  • Released On: 11 Jun 2002
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Standing On The Rock Lyrics

Chorus Trio
Standing on the Rock
Rock of my salvation
Standing on the Rock
Rock in a weary land
Standing on the Rock
Rock of Ages
Standing on the Rock; on Christ the Solid Rock I stand!

v1 Solo
A firm foundation, security, a Rock never failing, no, my God is He.

Strong & mighty, mighty in battle, strength that's enduring throughout eternity!

Back to Chorus

v2 Solo
A Rock never sinking enduring forever, as long as I'm on it, were standing together.

The Rock is Jesus, no other rock I'll stand! All other grounds are sinking sand.


Vamp 1:
Standing! (repeat with ad-libs)

Vamp 2:
My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus' blood & righteousness! I dare not trust the sweetest frame, wholly lean on Jesus' name.

Repeat until end

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