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Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Mack Brock

Song Information
  • Song Title: Fresh Wind Fresh Fire
  • Album: Greater Things
  • Artist: Mack Brock
  • Released On: 14 Sep 2018
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Lyrics

I am a vessel

You are the power

I am a candle

You are the flame

And when You meet me

Everything changes

Spirit, fall on me again

Fresh wind, fresh fire

My one desire

To lift you higher, higher

Oh, how I need You

You are my light

And my Salvation

You are the one

That’s made me new

And as the deer 

Thirsts for the water

So my soul

Longs after You

Pour out Your presence

The power of Heaven

I’ll stand in Your blessing

Oh, how I need You

Over and over

I am surrendered

Do what You want to

Oh, how I need You

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