Job Chapter 29 Young's Literal Translation

Job 29:1

And Job addeth to lift up his simile, and saith: --

Job 29:2

Who doth make me as `in' months past, As `in' the days of God's preserving me?

Job 29:3

In His causing His lamp to shine on my head, By His light I walk `through' darkness.

Job 29:4

As I have been in days of my maturity, And the counsel of God upon my tent.

Job 29:5

When yet the Mighty One `is' with me. Round about me -- my young ones,

Job 29:6

When washing my goings with butter, And the firm rock `is' with me rivulets of oil.

Job 29:7

When I go out to the gate by the city, In a broad place I prepare my seat.

Job 29:8

Seen me have youths, and they, been hidden, And the aged have risen -- they stood up.

Job 29:9

Princes have kept in words, And a hand they place on their mouth.

Job 29:10

The voice of leaders hath been hidden, And their tongue to the palate hath cleaved.

Job 29:11

For the ear heard, and declareth me happy, And the eye hath seen, and testifieth `to' me.

Job 29:12

For I deliver the afflicted who is crying, And the fatherless who hath no helper.

Job 29:13

The blessing of the perishing cometh on me, And the heart of the widow I cause to sing.

Job 29:14

Righteousness I have put on, and it clotheth me, As a robe and a diadem my justice.

Job 29:15

Eyes I have been to the blind, And feet to the lame `am' I.

Job 29:16

A father I `am' to the needy, And the cause I have not known I search out.

Job 29:17

And I break the jaw-teeth of the perverse, And from his teeth I cast away prey.

Job 29:18

And I say, `With my nest I expire, And as the sand I multiply days.'

Job 29:19

My root is open unto the waters, And dew doth lodge on my branch.

Job 29:20

My honour `is' fresh with me, And my bow in my hand is renewed.

Job 29:21

To me they have hearkened, Yea, they wait, and are silent for my counsel.

Job 29:22

After my word they change not, And on them doth my speech drop,

Job 29:23

And they wait as `for' rain for me, And their mouth they have opened wide `As' for the latter rain.

Job 29:24

I laugh unto them -- they give no credence, And the light of my face cause not to fall.

Job 29:25

I choose their way, and sit head, And I dwell as a king in a troop, When mourners he doth comfort.