Psalms Chapter 34 Young's Literal Translation

Psalms 34:1

By David, in his changing his behaviour before Abimelech, and he driveth him away, and he goeth. I do bless Jehovah at all times, Continually His praise `is' in my mouth.

Psalms 34:2

In Jehovah doth my soul boast herself, Hear do the humble and rejoice.

Psalms 34:3

Ascribe ye greatness to Jehovah with me, And we exalt His name together.

Psalms 34:4

I sought Jehovah, and He answered me, And from all my fears did deliver me.

Psalms 34:5

They looked expectingly unto Him, And they became bright, And their faces are not ashamed.

Psalms 34:6

This poor `one' called, and Jehovah heard, And from all his distresses saved him.

Psalms 34:7

A messenger of Jehovah is encamping, Round about those who fear Him, And He armeth them.

Psalms 34:8

Taste ye and see that Jehovah `is' good, O the happiness of the man who trusteth in Him.

Psalms 34:9

Fear Jehovah, ye His holy ones, For there is no lack to those fearing Him.

Psalms 34:10

Young lions have lacked and been hungry, And those seeking Jehovah lack not any good,

Psalms 34:11

Come ye, children, hearken to me, The fear of Jehovah I do teach you.

Psalms 34:12

Who `is' the man that is desiring life? Loving days to see good?

Psalms 34:13

Keep thy tongue from evil, And thy lips from speaking deceit.

Psalms 34:14

Turn aside from evil and do good, Seek peace and pursue it.

Psalms 34:15

The eyes of Jehovah `are' unto the righteous, And His ears unto their cry.

Psalms 34:16

(The face of Jehovah `is' on doers of evil, To cut off from earth their memorial.)

Psalms 34:17

They cried, and Jehovah heard, And from all their distresses delivered them.

Psalms 34:18

Near `is' Jehovah to the broken of heart, And the bruised of spirit He saveth.

Psalms 34:19

Many `are' the evils of the righteous, Out of them all doth Jehovah deliver him.

Psalms 34:20

He is keeping all his bones, One of them hath not been broken.

Psalms 34:21

Evil doth put to death the wicked, And those hating the righteous are desolate.

Psalms 34:22

Jehovah redeemeth the soul of His servants, And none trusting in Him are desolate!