Proverbs Chapter 26 verse 10 Holy Bible

ASV Proverbs 26:10

`As' an archer that woundeth all, So is he that hireth a fool and he that hireth them that pass by.
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BBE Proverbs 26:10

Like an archer wounding all who go by, is a foolish man overcome by drink.
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DARBY Proverbs 26:10

A master roughly worketh every one: he both hireth the fool and hireth passers-by.
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KJV Proverbs 26:10

The great God that formed all things both rewardeth the fool, and rewardeth transgressors.
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WBT Proverbs 26:10

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WEB Proverbs 26:10

As an archer who wounds all, So is he who hires a fool Or he who hires those who pass by.
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YLT Proverbs 26:10

Great `is' the Former of all, And He is rewarding a fool, And is rewarding transgressors.
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