Proverbs Chapter 13 verse 20 Holy Bible

ASV Proverbs 13:20

Walk with wise men, and thou shalt be wise; But the companion of fools shall smart for it.
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BBE Proverbs 13:20

Go with wise men and be wise: but he who keeps company with the foolish will be broken.
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DARBY Proverbs 13:20

He that walketh with wise [men] becometh wise; but a companion of the foolish will be depraved.
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KJV Proverbs 13:20

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.
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WBT Proverbs 13:20

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WEB Proverbs 13:20

One who walks with wise men grows wise, But a companion of fools suffers harm.
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YLT Proverbs 13:20

Whoso is walking with wise men is wise, And a companion of fools suffereth evil.
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