Isaiah Chapter 22 verse 17 Holy Bible

ASV Isaiah 22:17

Behold, Jehovah, like a `strong' man, will hurl thee away violently; yea, he will wrap thee up closely.
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BBE Isaiah 22:17

See, O strong man, the Lord will send you violently away, gripping you with force,
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DARBY Isaiah 22:17

Behold, Jehovah will hurl thee with the force of a mighty man, and will cover thee entirely.
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KJV Isaiah 22:17

Behold, the LORD will carry thee away with a mighty captivity, and will surely cover thee.
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WBT Isaiah 22:17

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WEB Isaiah 22:17

Behold, Yahweh, like a [strong] man, will hurl you away violently; yes, he will wrap you up closely.
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YLT Isaiah 22:17

Lo, Jehovah is casting thee up and down, A casting up and down, O mighty one,
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