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Dependable Lyrics

Your Love is not temporary
Up and down, in and out
When it starts, it won’t stop
Your love will keep going
On and on and on 
You are dependable God 

Thank You for saving me
Thank You for loving me too much to leave
You’re not just the God who saves
But You are the One that remains the same
Thru every high and low You’ll stay always
I can count on You 

You are not Ordinary
Here today, then far away
You’ll be there, when they’re not
Your love just keeps going
Without end, limitless
You are dependable God 

Thank You for saving me
Thank You for loving me too much to leave
You’re not just the God who saves
But You are the One that remains the same
Thru every high and low You’ll stay always
I can count on You
Always, I can count on You 

You are Dependable
You are Dependable  

Dependable Song Story
Dependable is written by Travis Greene. Lifted from his latest project 'Oil + Water', Travis Greene alongside Darrel Walls & Chandler More bring the studio version of this song to life. Dependable is a song of hope that reminds us that in every situation, our God never fails. This song captures a new creative sound and approach to worship. 

Official Music Video for Dependable featuring Darrel Walls & Travis Greene. 

Dependable Video

Dependable Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

Dependable Lyrics -  Travis Greene

Dependable: A Song of Unfailing Love and Faithfulness

Travis Greene, along with Chandler Moore, delivers a powerful and soul-stirring song titled "Dependable" in their latest project, "Oil + Water." The song carries a message of hope and assurance, reminding listeners that no matter the circumstances, God's love and faithfulness remain unwavering. "

1. The Meaning of "Dependable"

"Dependable" is a song that encapsulates the unchanging nature of God's love. It emphasizes the faithfulness and reliability of God, highlighting His constant presence in our lives. The song conveys the message that God's love is not temporary or fleeting, but enduring and everlasting. It serves as a reminder that no matter the ups and downs we face, God's love will sustain us.

The lyrics of "Dependable" express how God's love never wavers, even when people disappoint us or circumstances change. It affirms that God is a dependable source of strength, comfort, and hope. The song encourages listeners to place their trust in God's unfailing love and to find solace in His unchanging nature.

2. The Inspiration Behind "Dependable"

Throughout his music career, Travis Greene has consistently emphasized the unchanging nature of God's love and the power of trusting in Him.

It is likely that Travis Greene drew inspiration from personal experiences, the testimonies of others, or a deep reflection on God's character and promises. The song carries a universal message that resonates with believers who have experienced the faithfulness of God in their own lives.

3. Biblical References in "Dependable"

The lyrics of "Dependable" reflect the timeless truths found in the Bible. Here are a few Bible verses that relate to the message portrayed in the song:

a) Psalm 136:1

Psalm 136:1 says, "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever." This verse affirms the enduring nature of God's love. It reminds us that His love is not temporary or conditional but steadfast and everlasting. "Dependable" echoes this truth, emphasizing God's unwavering love that remains constant in every season of life.

b) Hebrews 13:8

Hebrews 13:8 declares, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." This verse speaks to the unchanging character of God. It assures us that God's love, mercy, and faithfulness are not subject to time or circumstance. "Dependable" echoes this truth, reminding listeners that God remains dependable and reliable, regardless of what we may face.

c) Lamentations 3:22-23

Lamentations 3:22-23 says, "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." These verses highlight God's faithfulness and the constancy of His love and mercy. "Dependable" captures the essence of these verses, affirming that God's love is steadfast and His faithfulness is unwavering.

These are just a few examples of the biblical principles that "Dependable" aligns with. The song draws from the rich wisdom and truths found in the Scriptures, reminding listeners of God's unchanging nature and unfailing love.

4. The Creative Sound and Approach to Worship

"Dependable" showcases a new creative sound and approach to worship from Travis Greene and Chandler Moore. The song combines powerful vocals, soulful melodies, and dynamic instrumentation to create a captivating musical experience.

The production of "Dependable" showcases a fusion of contemporary gospel, R&B, and soul elements. The unique blend of musical styles adds depth and richness to the song, making it relatable to a wide range of listeners. The creative sound of "Dependable" enhances the overall impact of the lyrics, allowing the message of God's unfailing love and faithfulness to resonate deeply within the hearts of those who listen.

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In Conclusion

"Dependable" by Travis Greene and Chandler Moore is a powerful song that reminds us of God's unchanging nature, unfailing love, and faithfulness. The lyrics and music inspire listeners to trust in the reliability of God's love, even in the midst of challenging circumstances. With its creative sound, "Dependable" offers a fresh approach to worship and a timeless message of hope.

As we reflect on the lyrics of "Dependable," let us be reminded of God's enduring love and faithfulness in our own lives. May we find comfort and strength in knowing that we serve a God who is truly dependable.

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