Unity in The Spirit

Unity in The Spirit Lyrics

As we sing in the Spirit
In the language of Your Spirit 
We’re united in the Spirit
We are One with the Spirit .

We are One with the Spirit
We are One with the Spirit .

A sound from Heaven
A sound from Heaven .

We become one with the Father
One with the Spirit
One with the Son of God
We are praying and declaring
What’s in the heavens
and what’s in the Father’s heart .

I can hear the wave of revival coming down .

We are one with the spirit 
and one with the heart of God
all the nations of the earth, 
united we become one
Holy Spirit I know that you’re flowing in me, from the Heavens your voice
make manifest through me
use me, here I am, and from my womb a sound is birthed
It’s the voice of the Great I am
releasing mysteries and treasures from up above, there is power in our unity


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