Sarah Reeves

Anxious Lyrics

Verse 1:
throw the covers over my head 
finding comfort in my own bed
staring at a screen light, looking at the highlights, everybody’s good life
reminding me of what I don’t have 
second guessing who I really am 
maybe I should give up, will I ever measure up, I don’t think i’m good enough 

Pressure building, body shaking, I can’t take it I can’t take it 
feel the tension, pushing pulling I can’t fight it I can’t fight it 

I don’t wanna live my life like this 
I gotta a lot of good in me to give 
but I’m Anxious 
So many things I know I miss  
Cause I’m anxious 
I wish I could shake this,
don’t wanna be anxious  

Verse 2:
Devil’s running around my mind 
why do I let myself believe the lies 
Its like I’m his playground, push me in the background, and I shut the world out 

this is my confession 
I’m coming out of hiding

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