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  • Utibe John

    This song is a life changing music that touches souls 1 month ago

  • S U Brown

    This song is more than life to me. I play it everyday, i sing it everyday and i dance to the beat everyday as if my life depend on it, you why? because it does. Jesus is more than gold, more than anything you can ever think or imagine. God bless you Kay for this song. I celebrate your grace. 1 month ago

  • Juliet Zarah Lansana

    I'am deeply touched Indeed Jesus is more than gold thanks stay forever blessed 1 month ago


    I'm in love with this blissful song. God bless you. Jesus you're more than gold 1 month ago

  • Chidimma

    I so much love this song 1 month ago

  • Blessing

    I so much love this song like seriously 1 month ago

  • Faith Linus

    I love this song it amazing more grace on d singer love u more 1 month ago

  • Amazing

    Am really in love with this song just downloaded it now, More GRACE to do more 1 month ago

  • Prisca

    I so much love this song 1 month ago

  • Alaba

    I love this song so much that i keep on singing it over and over again... More grace and strength to carry on!! 1 month ago

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