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  • Nabea Julius

    What a powerful song, am blessed 1 year ago

  • Charles Mwaka

    A blessing worship 1 year ago

  • ThankGod

    This soul lifting song has taken away all the subjects of the devil within and outside of me. 1 year ago

  • Prince Denis Luwala

    It's a gateway to spiritual realm 1 year ago

  • Jean Baptiste

    très cool son pour la Gloire de mon Sauveur Jésus

    1 year ago

  • Jean Baptiste

    gloire à Dieu, gloire à Dieu pour ta vie JIMMY. ce son me rapproche quant je l'écoute 1 year ago

  • Aveth Vedasto

    Be blessed man of God 1 year ago

  • Celiwe

    This song makes me so blessed.I even cry when this is beating .I feel LYK heavens are open 1 year ago

  • Esther

    Very spiritual powerful song it works wonders even in my dreams .Amen Yahweh come and do want only you can do 2 years ago

  • Sifa Magayane

    Thank you so much I need lyrics 2 years ago

    • Admin

      What do you mean? The lyrics are already provided above.

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    Bible Verses for MIGHTY MAN OF WAR YAHWEH

    Exodus 15 : 3

    The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name.

    1st Samuel 17 : 47

    And all these people who are here today may see that the Lord does not give salvation by sword and spear: for the fight is the Lord's, and he will give you up into our hands.

    2nd Chronicles 20 : 15

    And he said, Give ear, O Judah, and you people of Jerusalem, and you, King Jehoshaphat: the Lord says to you, Have no fear and do not be troubled on account of this great army; for the fight is not yours but God's.

    Isaiah 42 : 13

    The Lord will go out as a man of war, he will be moved to wrath like a fighting-man: his voice will be strong, he will give a loud cry; he will go against his attackers like a man of war.

    Revelation 5 : 5

    And one of the rulers said to me, Do not be sad: see, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome, and has power to undo the book and its seven stamps.

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